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Website Design & Development

"70% of households now use the internet as an information source when shopping locally for products and services” (Kelsey Group).

  • Your website acts as the storefront of your business in many cases, and is often times the first introduction a potential client may have to your business. We will help you design a website that is easy to navigate and retains its visitors

  • You need to let the person know what products & services you offer, why they should trust you, and give them a reason why they should look further into your web site.

  • We'll help you design and develop a website that is affordable and increases your bottom line, while holding your hand through every step of the way.

  • By investing a significant portion of time listening to our clients, and understanding their individual business goals, we are able to implement a strategic marketing plan for your business. This leads to an all encompassing website design that meets the goals of your business.
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Things to Consider When Designing a Website

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Keys to a Successful Website:

Keyword research - Keyword research is the equivalent of knowing the right ingredients for a specific recipe. If you guess what the ingredients are, then the recipe isn’t going to turn out as well as it would of if you measured each ingredient out carefully. Keyword research lays the foundation for a successful website. The research tells you what phrases and words are most popular and gives you information to base the pages of the website around.

Title Tags & Meta Descriptions - Title Tags & Meta Descriptions tell the search engines what is inside a specific page of the web site. They are also the descriptions that the end user sees when your website is returned in a search query. These are important factors for your website being ranked in search results as well as improving your click through rate. Click through rate is based on the number of times your web site is shown in a search engine compared to the number of times your website is clicked on.

Simplicity - Your website should be easy to navigate for a potential client. The website should instantly tell someone what you do and be easy for a potential client to find what they are looking for. When arriving at a website you expect certain features to be in their expected locations. Sometimes a feature of the website that seems innovative at the time may be overlooked by the average user, causing the overall usability experience of the website to be less than desirable.

Hierarchy of navigation - The home page is where most people arrive at your website. This makes the home page the most important page of the website. There needs to be a hierarchy of pages to decide what pages should be displayed most prominently. You have very little time before someone decides whether or not to stay in your website and navigate further or click the back button and leave your website.

Call to action - The website needs to have a call to action on every page. A potential client should be able to contact you, regardless of what page of the website they are on.

Website Analytics - Website analytics are the report card of the website. They tell you what someone is typing in to a search engine when arriving at your website, what referring website sent them, how many pages they view, and many other valuable pieces of information. Analytics are critical for making data backed decisions to assist in the ongoing development of the website.

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Search Transparency has worked with us to design our moving company a fabulous new website. Since the design of the new website our business through the website has been great. I am receiving 3 to 4 leads on jobs every day. They came along to our business at the most perfect time... Read More >
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