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Search Engine Optimization

Want Your Website Found on Google?

Here is how:

  • SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a way to push your website to the top of search results for specific keyword phrases. This is usually a very labor intensive process, but can produce a high return on investment if implemented properly.

  • The advantage of SEO over pay-per-click advertising is that you are not paying on a per visitor basis as you would be with a pay-per-click campaign. After you make your initial investment, and achieve your desired rankings for a particular group of keywords, you reap the benefits of that investment as long as you maintain your rankings.

  • We will analyze your competition and complete the necessary in-depth research to achieve your goals of increased organic traffic.
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What makes a Search Engine Optimization campaign effective?

Strategy: It is imperative that the customer and agency have a clear strategy on what their overall vision is. Your SEO strategy shouldn’t be a stand-alone strategy, but rather a holistic approach that encompasses your entire marketing strategy.

Research: Research is the one of the most important factors in laying the ground work for a successful SEO Campaign. Research includes factors such as your current website rankings, competitor’s strategies, and keyword research to name a few. It is important to harvest keyword lists from your websites analytics before deciding what words/phrases to target.

Experience: There is no substitute for experience. Through our experience working on many SEO Campaigns over the years we can recognize patterns that someone with less experience wouldn’t have the in-depth knowledge to recognize. This is important considering the dynamic nature of the search landscape and how often search engines update their algorithm.

Holistic Approach: SEO is not a stand-alone marketing channel that effectively generates leads. Your website could have great search engine rankings, but lack the on-site usability to convert those leads into prospects. In order to make your SEO Campaign successful your funnel must be streamlined all the way through to the conversion, or you will be spending money without the desired return on your investment.

Creativity: SEO is half science and half art. It is important to keep an open mind when working on an SEO Campaign to ensure that a new opportunity isn’t overlooked, due to complacency. Starting with a core group of proven strategies, and staying open to new ideas, are the keys to maintaining the upper hand in the search engine results.

Tracking: To best manage the success of an SEO Campaign you must put the proper tracking mechanisms in place. This includes analytics on the website, rank checkers to see improvements and declines in rankings and link analysis to see new links to the website. These proper tools help you make data backed decisions to continually improve the rankings of the website.

Flexibility: Search Engine rankings are a moving target and there are a lot of things that can change that will cause you to need to adjust your strategy. One of the largest factors is algorithmic changes that you have no control over. It is important to not be too rigid in your approach and be willing to change your strategy if the search landscape changes.

Is an SEO Campaign Right for Your Business?

Questions to ask before starting an SEO campaign:

  1. What is your timeline: If you are looking for immediate results then Search Engine Optimization may not be the solution. This often takes time and is a more of a progressive approach. For immediate results consider a PPC Campaign.
  2. Sustainable SEO practices: There are plenty of ways to trick the search engines into ranking your web site at the top of a particular keyword search. The challenge is that the search engines are getting smarter and smarter every year. You are risking being penalized or banned from search engines as well as your business' reputation.
  3. What is the cost vs. potential ROI: You should weigh out the estimated cost of having your website ranked for its desired search terms against a couple of other factors.
  4. What is the lifetime value of an average customer worth to you?
  5. How much competition is there in your local area?
  6. How expensive are your related keywords if you opted for a pay-per-click campaign?
  7. Does your website already have decent rankings?

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