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Integrating your marketing & customer management

Improve Marketing

Increase Website

Streamline Customer

Custom Software

Get more new customers, lower your cost of acquisition and
decrease employee expenses, resulting in Higher Net Profits.

It all starts with Listening & Understanding

Your Goals

Your goals become our goals and we will invest the time to understand where your business needs improvement and will work with you to improve these areas.

Your Budget

A custom tailored solution is built around your current budget. If you’re not sure what your budget should be, we can help you determine the right budget for your goals.

Your Partner

Upon deciding that our businesses are a good fit, we will partner with you to help you achieve your goals and create a more cost effective process of acquiring new customers.

Understanding your Market & Goals

Pen and paper

The Right Questions

We invest the time to not only understand your business goals, but to understand who your competition is and your market as a whole.

Group of people

Market Surveys

Do you have unanswered questions about your market? We can set up surveys for your existing customers and create surveys for desired potential clients.

Determining the Life Time Value of your customers

The customer lifetime value (CLTV) formula is a simple way to determine the value of your customers over a set period of time.

Average Value of a Sale:
(The average revenue of a single sale.)

Average Number of Sales Per Customer (Annually):
(The average number of times that your customers make purchases from you on an annual basis.)

Average Customer Retention (Years):
(How long do your customers stay with you on average?)

Your Customer’s Life Time Value is:


Understanding the lifetime value of your customers will help us create a highly individualized plan and budget aligned with your business needs.

Is your Advertising Investment working for you?

Analyzing Current Efforts

We will analyze your current marketing efforts to determine which areas of your marketing should be extended and what should be eliminated.

Implementing New Ideas

After eliminating the advertising mediums that were proven to be ineffective for your business, we will recommend more efficient marketing channels that offer you a higher return on your investment.

Website Performance

We can provide a detailed analysis of your current website and provide actionable suggestions to increase the number of potential customers that contact you.

The Value of Having Your Website Analyzed

Testimonial from Client

“I hired Search Transparency to complete a comprehensive analysis of Bellasante.com. The goal of the analysis was to identify usability issues which would cause someone to abandon our website. Then to provide solutions regarding how to fix the issues that were uncovered. Ryan and his team uncovered over 30 problems and supplied actionable steps regarding how to fix each of them. They provided an estimate of the time each of the issues would take to fix and even offered some suggestions for how to increase the traffic and conversions on our site. This allowed us to decide what to fix first and what the total cost of all of the updates would be.

If the same team has been managing your website for years, you may benefit from a fresh set of eyes to review your website. I would highly recommend Search Transparency for their website analysis service and online marketing consulting.”

John Groman
Founder & CEO at Bella Santé Day Spa
Co-founder of Epsilon

Understanding the Customer Journey



If the product or service you offer isn’t well known, we’ll help you build awareness and generate demand by crafting the right messaging and placing it in front of the right potential customers.



If your potential customers can’t find you, nothing else matters. We’ll help you increase your exposure, so that you’re there when people are looking for the services that you offer.

Convert More Prospects into Customers

Increase Website Conversions

By improving the conversions on your website, you will see an increase in phone calls and emails from interested prospects. This will also lower your cost of acquiring new clients.

Improved Customer Follow Up

We can set up customer management software so your employees will be more efficient at following up with your potential customers. This software can be integrated with most existing software and guarantees that no lead goes cold.

Track Results & Invest Wisely

The effectiveness of your advertising will be tracked through a combination of website analytics and customer management software, so you’ll know how every dollar is working for you.

Start Improving Your Results

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Implementing Technology to Save You Time & Money

We offer consulting services which help you identify the most efficient uses of technology to save your business time and money.

Business Challenges We Solved with Technology


One of the largest limousine companies in Connecticut came to us looking for a better way to manage leads from their website.

Email Management


The leads were coming into one person’s inbox and there wasn’t an efficient way to follow up or distribute these prospective customers.

How We Helped

We implemented web-based customer management software and trained their staff on how to use the software. This provided a platform to track when any contact was made with a potential customer and which employee made the contact.



There was no way to track how many of these leads converted into customers.

How We Helped

We configured their customer management software, so that our client could track how many of these leads converted into customers, what the value of each customer was and how the customer found them. This allowed our customer to quantify the results of every advertising medium they were engaged in.



Every time they responded to online quote requests they were hand typing each email, which was time consuming.

How We Helped

Canned email responses were written for the most common questions that potential customers ask. This created consistency among communications from different employees and cut down their costs drastically, because they were no longer hand writing each email. We also implemented a custom application built into their customer management software which would automatically populate the person’s information into the fields on the email, so each email had a personal feel.



The leads came in at all different times of day, so multiple people were managing the same email account, and there was no way to track who sent specific emails. There was also no way to follow up on the progress of each lead.

How We Helped

Each employee received their own login credentials to the newly implemented customer management software, so it was easy for management to track how many of these leads each employee was following up on. We set up top-line reporting where management could see the number of leads that were generated from a particular advertising source and, how many of those leads turned into customers.


A local moving company came to us looking for a more efficient process to follow up with potential clients who had requested an estimate for their upcoming move.



They wanted a system to follow up with customers that could be implemented company wide, so that no lead went cold.

How We Helped

We created a follow up system that provided a series of touch points including phone calls and emails to help them increase the number of interested people that converted into customers.



Responding to online estimate requests was time consuming because each response was hand typed. They wanted a way to save time on responding to these requests.

How We Helped

We created a series of canned email responses that would cover the variety of requests that they received. We integrated these into their customer management system, so that each person’s customer’s information would automatically populate into the fields of the emails. This allowed them to respond to requests with the click of a button, without having to hand type each email.

Mobile Device


When an in-home estimate was completed, a carbon copy was given to the potential customer and a hard copy was stored in their office. These were easy to misplace while in the field, and because they were hand-written they weren’t always legible.

How We Helped

We built an in-home estimate form for the iPad, so they could have a digital platform to enter their information on. This gave them a more professional presence and allowed them to automatically send the customer a copy of the proposal by email, send a copy to the office and store a copy on the iPad. We even created an online signature on the form, so that someone could approve the estimate on the spot and schedule their move.


A local moving company came to us looking for a streamlined approach to transition a customer’s information from the time they requested an estimate online, to the time they booked their move.



Their system was setup so that if someone filled out the online estimate form and then decided to schedule their move, all of the customer’s information then had to be manually entered into QuickBooks to generate an invoice. During their busy season, this was a full time job for someone and was costly for the business.

How We Helped

We were able to sync their online estimate form with QuickBooks and transfer all the necessary information with a click of a button. This cut the time in half that was being spent on this task and saved our client a substantial amount of time and money.

Start Improving Your Results

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